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The Progress Party is a libertarian party that believes in freedom for the individual, lower taxes, prosperity and a limited government that empowers people.

Our society’s foundation is independent individuals who make decisions in their own lives. In order to ensure prosperity in our society, we need to reward hard work, self-discipline and self-reliance. We cannot rely on a bloated government filled with red tape; we need a framework for individuals to excel in our society, in order to build an even more prosperous society for the future.

Economy and taxes

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the Norwegian economy. In order to create jobs and opportunity for all, we must ensure a framework for businesses to thrive. Red tape, higher taxes, and an inefficient bureaucracy create a heavy burden on the private sector, which generates our prosperity. That's why we will continue to work for lower taxes, less regulation and supporting the small businesses and entrepreneurs who every day work hard to ensure that millions of Norwegians have rewarding jobs.

Government needs to get out of the way of free individuals who should decide over their own lives. Public services and the basic safety net needs to ensure that everyone have the same rights. For too long, the system has been drenched in bureaucracy and red tape. We can no longer allow the outdated system to go before the individual, and we will modernize the public sector by prioritizing and making sure that every Norwegian has great public services – when they need them.

Norwegians pay too much of their hard earned money in taxes and excise duties. Norway has one the highest tax rates in the world, and is close to the top when it comes to taxation as a percentage of our Gross Domestic Product. (GDP). The Progress Party wants an effective public sector and reduce unncessary spending. This will ensure that we can cut taxes, create a freer society, and allow business to thrive.

Elderly care

In Norway, the local municipalities are responsible for providing elderly care to everyone who needs it. This is a burden on the local municipalities, and there is wide disparity in the experiences that Norwegians receive across different regions. This situation does not ensure the best well being for our citizens, and does not guarantee a dignified service for those who need it.

Therefore, we wish to make the national state guarantee elderly care for each and every one when they need it. We need to pass legislation that makes it a right to receive excellent elderly care, and that your pocketbook should not determine whether you receive good services when you need it.

Health care

For decades, the established parties have put bureaucracy and red tape ahead of the needs of patients. Universal health care is a basic right in Norway, and everyone should receive effective and excellent health care. However, the system needs a modernization that ensures that patients have a right to receive good care efficiently and quickly. Norway is one the richest countries in the world, and it would only make sense to ensure that everyone has the basic right to quick and world class care regardless of their pocketbook. 

Foreign policy 

Globalization has brought prosperity and freedom to individuals, and given jobs and a livelihood to millions of people by bringing the world together. Never before have so many been lifted out of poverty. The poorest in our world are not victims of globalization, but are faced with the challenge of being left out of the global marketplace.

Norwegian foreign policy should mainly concern itself with working for Norwegian interests. To ensure Norwegian interests, we need international order, long lasting peace, free trade and respect for fundamental human rights.

Relations with other countries must mainly concern establishing fairness and free trade. Free trade is the foundation of long lasting prosperity, and Norway needs to reduce trade barriers to other countries. Directing foreign aid to bring aid those who need it in times of chaos will help far more people in a time of crisis.
The Progress Party believes Norway needs to build important alliances to countries who are democratic and believes in western values of freedom and opportunity. Democratic countries must have the right to defend their countries against terrorism and threats from nearby countries. 

We support the Jewish peoples’ right to a country they can call home. The Progress Party recognized the state of Israel as a free and democratic country with the right to defend its citizens against external threats.

The European Union (EU)

The Progress Party support the peoples’ right to a referendum on a possible membership in the European Union. Membership will entail a large decision with consequences for generations to come, and only the people directly should be able to make those kinds of decisions. 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The Progress Party supports NATO and believes it ensures safety and global peace by taking the necessary responsibility in a globalized world. Norway should continue its membership, work closer with the NATO in international operations, and invest in our Armed Forces to strengthen their capabilities to cooperate and work closer with our allies.


Norwegians need effective and good public services that are sustainable for the future. They provide us with roads, schools, health care, elderly care and a police that ensures we are safe. 

To ensure sustainable public services, Norway needs to rethink its immigration policies. For too long, Norway has admitted more and more immigrants without thinking about the strain on integration policies and public services. The Progress Party is the only party that takes this challenge seriously and wants a fair and sustainable immigration policy. 

The Progress Party firmly believes that Norway needs to fulfill its commitment to the UN Refugee Convention. Immigrants who flee from chaos, war and instability are better helped through contributing to nearby stable countries. Such measures will ensure that we can bring stability and safety to far more people.
Our asylum system needs reform to ensure that those who get their application accepted have a real safety need, and have not skirted the system. Immigrants who come to Norway and break the law should face expulsion. 

The Progress Party formed a coalition government with the Conservative Party in the fall of 2013. After passing necessary legislation and revision of our laws, we can now see that immigration numbers are falling, while our neighboring countries experience increased asylum numbers every year. By strengthening the police’s capabilities, illegal immigrants who break Norwegian laws are now facing expulsion. 


For too long, Norwegians have experienced a justice system that takes into account the criminals’ needs rather than the victims’ needs. We need a completely revamped system that ensures stiffer penalties, stricter laws and prosecutes criminals who breaks our laws. 

Far too many crimes are not prosecuted, and the police have too few resources after years of insufficient prioritization. Since we entered government, we have continually worked for more resources to the police, prisons and the prosecutorial system. This will ensure that victims receive the justice they deserve and that criminals are put in prison if they break our laws. We are rebuilding the trust in our criminal justice system.